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    *you can set now any hotkey you want without it messing up
    *you can now share and download supremacy maps freely from steamworkshop without getting errors for hosting, or green up issues if someone doesnt have the same mod
    *king of the hill oos fixed, sudden death counter doesnt start anymore after someone gets sucked into spider lair, leaver ooses fixed, and the game doesnt freeze anymore when an observer leaves the game
    *billion elo bug fixed
    *you can now select multiple buildings, and then autoque all of them at one.
    *units do not  get stuck in goldmines or in buildings
    *you can now play scenarios online with as much chinese stuff in them as you want
    *when you get a training speed upgrade, it wont remove units from building queus anymore(so also hippikons wont get removed when you get heroic)
    *you can no longer check to see if someone is building on a settlement
    *all the buggy textures have been fixed, so it looks more like AoT now
    *scenario designers can now add triggers to set everyone in an escape lobby to kronos even if they pick other gods ina lobby
    *they can remove stuff like gaia lush in tiny

    and most important of all:

    *the game is more responsive than voobly now in terms of placing farms, buildings, snapping to control groups
    *animations are smooth now(no animation stutter)
    *performance increased GREATLY
    *you may still have fps drops upon age ups, titn gates, or a  lot of units in the same spot due to pathing.


    You can read the full Patch notes here: https://www.ageofempires.com/news/aom-update-28-preview/

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