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Various QoL upgrades

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Shift-queueing a pharaoh (or a Ra priest) and a bunch of villagers to build some different buildings should result in the pharaoh empowering each building as they comes up, rather than the pharaoh and all the villagers sitting around the first building once it comes up. Similarly, shift-queueing a group of villagers and a pharaoh onto a granary and then some aggressive huntable animals such as boars should have the pharaoh empower the granary while the villagers gather the boars one by one, rather than the pharaoh and the villagers all waiting around at the granary after it comes up. The pharaoh's description should specify that empowerment does not affect villager production time or age-up technology research time.

When building a storehouse or storage pit, villagers should prioritize the nearest resource to the building rather than prioritizing food over gold over wood.

Various economic upgrades should have their villager carry capacity amounts tweaked to remove situations where economic upgrades have no effect.

Hotkeys should be assignable to age 2 myth unit, age 3 myth unit, age 3 second myth unit, etc. This way I can for instance build centaurs with one hotkey if I go Hermes and Minotaurs with that same hotkey if I go Athena.

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