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Hotkeys follow keyboard/UI sequence just like AoE2 Q,W,E,R ... A,S,D,F....

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The hotkeys when building/buying something makes much more sense in AoE2, following the sequence of the keyboard according to its sequence in the UI.
So if House comes first, it's Q, etc...
What is a good hotkey setup? : r/aoe2

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So true! I have to many problems with AOM's hotkeys right now, to the point that i'm not playing. I know you can make your costume hotkeys in the settings, but it's cunfusing and I can't make it all work somehow when playing. They should make it more logical as you said with your hand position - that will everyone remember pretty easy when they look on the screen ❤️ Not everyone can remember all the names for the buildings and then where the right letter is on the keyboard by only using your left hand and not looking down at your keyboard at the same time = that "first letter" system is a total mess for me. 

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Grid hotkeys + the ability to change the hotkeys in the grid setup is needed. Like for me personally I want the A-move on "T", but I still want the rest of the hotkeys in the grid setup alignment.

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