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Why the lobby failed miserably in AOM, AOT, and AOMEE to make the community more attractive to players, and how to fix it ?

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It's no surprise that many players (if not most) are vain about their rank points, and this makes the community very competitive.

Lobbyes in previous games never strongly emphasized showing ranks on their pages. A very accurate place on this issue was on the Voobly platform, where you have your rank points displayed at all times whether in the chat list, in the game creation room, on the website and on the world rank page, and this simple display of ranks in the lobby helps a lot the competitive spirit of the community within the game.

Some improvements that I strongly look forward to in the game's lobby are:

-Display of a table of the best players on almost every page of the lobby (a small column in the corner of the page would be great).
-Display ranking of the best players in different game modes.
-Display of the best players with each god/civilization.
- Well-crafted, multi-channel chats for beginners, intermediates, and experts.
-Chat channels for each civilization would be great.
-Display of players who are doing the same Live on the Voobly platform is an incredible resource.
-Pages for each player easily accessed within the lobby where you can find information on social networks, address of live pages (Twich, Youtube ....), latest record games (ranked games), most played gods and personal ranking.
-All record games available for download from high-level games, easily within the lobby.

These are some points that would greatly improve the experience within the game for new and old players like me.



New ideas are always welcome and I will always update this lobby layout ideas page.

-Chat by language. (Tks Sk1nner)



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New ideas xD

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