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Map Banning/Leader Banning(HW2)

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I think in the spirit of balance and competitive play we should implement a 1 map ban rule and a 1 leader ban rule. This will not only strengthen the competitive nature of the event, it will also make it more fun with new and interesting match ups. I think this rule largely needs to be applied in the BO3 rounds specifically but I do think it would be beneficial to the BO5s and BO7s as well. I have been forced to play fissures at the start of almost every single one of my series and it is a horrendously balanced map. Right now in the meta, ship is pretty distinctly S tier above other leaders, some people may disagree with this, which is why I advocate for a 1 leader ban per player in a series option. There are 16 leaders to choose from and I think players should be able to vote with their ban what the most broken leaders are and what the most unbalanced maps are. Please upvote this if you wish to see this change happen in Meta Plays Tournament play.


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