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More Range for Melee Myth Units

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There is a problem in the current versions of the game, where certain melee myth units can get confused when trying to use their special attacks. They will lock onto a certain target, whether reachable or not, and seemingly 'dance' around all the enemy army, rather than attacking / using their special attack. This combined with their large hitbox can make it tricky even with micro to attack units right below them. 

Some examples of these units are the Greek Minotaur and Cyclops, and the Norse Einherjar. A proposed solution/idea could be to increase their melee special attack range slightly, from 0.1 to 1.5. After mock trials in Editor, this more or less fixes the issue above, and makes the units fun to work with again. 

Einherjar in particular may benefit from an increased melee range as well (from 0.1 to 1.5). Certain units in the Extended Edition of Age of Mythology have already had a slight change to their melee range, such as the Greek Hero Polyphemus (who had a 'range' increase from 0.1 to 3 for his special attack).


      <action name="WhirlwindAttack">
            <param name="MaximumRange" value1="0.1"></param> "


        <action name="WhirlwindAttack">
            <param name="MaximumRange" value1="1.5"></param>

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A number change won't be enough, as you'd just offset the glitching point. These special attacks need to have the behavior of regular melee, which once started will finish regardless of how far the target moves meanwhile.

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