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Veterancy Value changes

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Grunt riders give 3xp
Grunt Goblins give 1.5

Hell bringers give 7
marines give 5

The fact Killing 1 marine gives my unit more veterancy than killing 3 grunt goblins should be changed. I imagine there are more veterancy numbers to be tweaked but those are the most startling to me since yap also has the ability to buy guilt trip and further reduce these vet numbers. Added onto the fact that Grunt Riders also have the incorrect armor type applied to them making them have the same armor type as elite rangers while being a t1 unit makes them extremely hard to kill and since they give only 3xp extremely unrewarding in a double disaster.


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  • Project Director

This is scary, in the sense that so much else must be wrong.

I've been wanting to build a wiki of unit stats, but the time investment required is bonkers.

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