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Classical Age Beginnings


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this is a small mod which makes all players start in the classical age through the same minor god. The minor god chosen for all of the players is chosen randomly from all of the old classical gods and some of the atlantean ones. Though I think it works for chinese players too, it's just that they'll never get a chinese minor god.

The players get the myth unit coming out of their TC, the god power, and can research technologies which benefit all civs, like Sacred Cats, Thundering Hooves or Sylvan Lore. Techs like Mithril Breastplate applying only to one civ are not available for anyone. Oceanus will not occur and Prometheus gets the Titan Gate god power to replace Valor, which would've been mostly useless for non-Atlantean. All players trying to build up a Titan in classical while building up their economy sounds kinda fun.

Because Zeus' Bolt was imba (kill a MU but have a MU to raid with) it is disabled for the starting 4 minutes. Also the amount of starting villagers is tripled so that the early game doesn't feel too slow and harshly punishing.

It's not really tested or played much. But it's also not a big mod and changes can be applied easily, so if anyone want's to play it and would like it to be a bit different let me now.




Oh yeah, I'm also trying to get sponsors so you might see some random advertisements in chat while playing.

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