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Escape Dynamic Hunters


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Escape Dynamic Hunters

Bring on a new take on the escape genre with dynamic hunters. Rather than having a fixed 2 hunters that nobody wants to be, bring on dynamic hunters! Everyone begins the game as a runner in a free for all mode. Find a relic hidden randomly on the map to become the hunter. Once the hunter kill the others or if you are feeling a little weak find the relic again to level up and in time become godly and OP. Watch out however as another player getting the relic will take the power off you and become the hunter instead!

Find the relic, get powerful, and crush your opponents before it is too late...


  • Power transfer system meaning no matter how far behind you are, there is always a chance to recover.
  • Level saving - when you become the hunter again you maintain your previous level so the game maintains progression
  • Beefed up timeshift system - timeshifting is extremely fast however it costs wood to use which must be gathered from the forest
  • Random utility god powers - obtained by collecting 12 food from goats scattered around.


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