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Standard odin builder order & ulfsark raiding

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the standard odin build order in the current meta(in the video I show the ulf raiding part). the arhaic build order is alway the same. you can do a 7-5-5 variation(late advance) a 7-5-4 or a 7-4-4 , earliest advance is 6-4-4.(or the 5-5-5 vs a krush) the logic behind the build order comes down to the same thing however. Below is the 7-5-4(good for TG)(check other example recs for the other variations):

2 starting gatherers go to hunt food+upgrade hunting dogs
build house with your starting ulfsark
1 new gatherer+ new ox cart+ 1 new gatherer to gold
1 new gatherer to wood(straggler tree)
1 dwarf to gold
2 gatherers to food
1 dwarf to gold
1 gatherer to food
1 dwarf to gold
2 gatherers to food
build temple
2 dwarfs to gold
switch the 2 gold gatherers to wood
1 gatherer to wood+new ox cart to wood
click advance

at this point you can choose your own strategy. in the video ulf raiding is displayed which is good against atlantean. the way this works is that you surround citizens with your ulfs and kill them, then you run away and repeat. this is good on odin because ulfsarks regen their hp, and they are also faster because of the odin exclusive tech (lone wanderer) that you can buy for 175 wood+5 favor. the moment atlantean starts making cheirobalistas, add in some raiding cavalary and valks and you can go for the all in, take towncenters or and go heroic for frost and make frost giants. possibilities are endless. (ulf raiding is also very good in teamgames and grabbing all tcs(towncenters) on the map)

Here are some example recorded games:

example rec 1. the 6-4-4 variation

example rec 2. anti krush strat 5-5-5 early up


example rec 3. high hunt against ora(blue lagoon)



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