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AoM Shake Up mod


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Here you will find the files and changelog of the Shake up mod.

There will likely be an EE version at some point, but for now it is a Voobly Exclusive, using patch 5.0 as a baseline.

Voobly Balance Patch 5.0 Shake up

Version 0.92 (Testing Phase)

Initial Release: TBD

Map Changes:
All maps (Excluding Painted Desert) have 50% more space between forests, to make things harder to wall off (constraints between forest increased by 50%), forests have additional coherence making them abit more smooth and less pointy, and forest sizes are 50% larger. 

Balance Changes:

Town Centers build 50% slower. (Build points 120 -> 180)
Houses and manors build limit increased from 10 to 12, and 5 to 6.
First production building is buildable in age 1.
Zeus gets Barracks, Hades gets Archery Range, Poseidon gets Stable. Hoplite/Tox/Hippikon unlocked based on civ.
Egyptians get barracks, with Spearman unlocked.
Norse get Longhouse, with Ulfsark and Hersir unlocked.
Atty gets Military Barracks with Murmillo unlocked.
All villagers hack damage reduced by 25%.

Age 1 Military units get a -60% damage and -20% speed multiplier. Toxotes get a -60% range multiplier also.
These stats get restored on age 2.
Norse units get their age 1 damage increased from -70% to -60%, and do not suffer from movement speed penalties like the other civs.

Hathor no longer gets a free Roc.

Herdable HP reduced by 75%.
Villager Ranged accuracy is now 100%.


Voobly Balance Patch Shake Up.zip

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