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Warcraft 3 Caster Applications


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  • Head Staff

We are currently looking for a Warcraft 3 caster to join our project! 

Please provide the following information in your application per DM (to me) or the Contact Us Form:

  • Your full legal name.
  • Your history in casting Warcraft III.
  • At least 3 example VoDs.
  • Proof of your identity being the caster - post an unlisted video on your reference channel with the VoDs above. A static screen that says "Verifying Identity for Meta Plays", and you reading it out is sufficient.
  • Your motivation as to why you would like to join us.

If your application is accepted, we will provide: 

  • A cut of Twitch revenue:
    • Active casters and managers split 75%.
    • This also includes all donations that aren't targeting event prize pools.
  • Possible hardware sponsorships when applicable/desired.
  • Access to management tools on the site (tournaments, moderation, etc).
  • Exposure (user mention in social promos, Twitch autohost, Youtube featured channels spot).

Our expectations:

  • Availability during at least 1 monthly event.
  • Gear:
    • Must have a decent audio setup, with minimal environmental noises/disruptions.
    • A decent webcam for use of the intermission screens is strongly preferred, but not mandatory.
    • This application is for a co-caster. No full streaming setup is necessary.
  • Casting:
    • A solid command of spoken English. Accents are not a concern!
    • Take turns in conversation, avoid talking over/past your co-caster.
    • When dealing with aggressive chatters, simply let our mods handle it.
    • Keep the stream civil - lots of our viewers will be underage. Keep things politically correct and avoid vulgar swear words.
    • Keep interaction with chat low during match casts, but maximize engagement between games.


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