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Tiny! Freak Style


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Tiny! Freak Style

Original creator: Mythic Freak

It is the famous Tiny map! In AOMEE the version is known but in "scenario", however it is very unbalanced, for example: it is very difficult to win with Uranus or Cronos if your enemy is Nordic or Egyptian. In addition, the Egyptians are untouchable since they carry statues and the ability of Isis prevents powers in their base. The worst thing is that the scenarios bring only a limited amount like 2 or 4 players,

Well Tiny! Freak Style is an rm2, which means that it is possible to freely place several players (up to 12), in any way you like !!! In addition, there are certain changes to balance such as not placing statues, in addition to the fact that Isis's ability is blocked, 1 favor is added to all civilizations every 12 seconds, except the Nordic one, and much more !!




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