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Fury of the Titans


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Fury of the Titans

This scenario was incredible to play, because it was one of the first that I played, I was even quite a rookie when I played it and it reminded me a lot of the scenarios that were used in the campaign, it is very good.

-Creator: Elohim ,Gameranger ID: 10937494
- Genre: Miscelanius
-Players: 4 (1v3)

-Configuration:    P1 [team1] [EGGY] (humans) |             P2, P3, P4 [team2] (humans) |              P5 [Team 2] (BOT)
-Duration: Between 40 min up to 2 hours
-History: An Egyptian empire has developed the ability to liberate its God Cronos, its total god, luckily we have you and 2 more allies who will avoid this catastrophe no matter what happens, forming an alliance and ending the enemy, NO YOU GIVE UP !!!
-Instructions: You must destroy the Egyptian empire before chronos is launched, in case it is launched you must use the god 3 arkantos mode and also use a lot of army to be able to completely destroy the enemy
-Recommendation: Choose an Egyptian god to defeat Cronos with priests and at the same time you must use the 3 Arkantos in GOD mode.



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