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AOM-AOT Modpack 2020


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AOM-AOT Modpack 2020

AOM-AOT Modpack 2020

Hi there,

This is my second modpack (first one was named AOT Mod Pack 2019) and I believe it's a great improvement on the first one.
I have removed some useless mods and inserted some new useful ones to make the pack better.
Another noteworthy improvement is that AOM is now fully integrated in the mod pack, thus making it not only focused on AOT.
Some mods are not compatible with AOM though but it is indicated when that is the case.

Over the years a lot of mods have been made for AOM/AOT and a lot of versions of the same mod exist.
I have selected a list of mods and made sure their versions are the most up to date you can get.
Some of these most up to date versions were still filled with errors, thus I fixed those.
The pack also includes some of my own mods.

To make it easier to navigate all these mods and decide what you do or don't need I have greatly improved all the original readmes and inserted images.
The "AOT Encyclopedia Spreadsheet no patch" isn't really a mod but it is an information file about the mechanical side of the game and is part of the Enhanced Tooltips.


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