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Ippert's Complete UI


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Ippert's Complete UI

Ippert's Complete UI

Hi there,

I have made an UI which is inspired by eSanta but tries to massively improve on it. It removes any useless/rarely used buttons and adds stuff which actually serves a purpose. The main feature of this UI is its multifunctionality, it can be used to play / observe live games / observe recorded games. Open the readme found inside the zip to learn how to install the mod.

Current gatherers on favor glitch:
This can sometimes glitch out and show: "villagers / monuments / heroes gathering / settlements" instead of numbers. This issue seems completely random and some people can have it glitched one game and fixed the other.
If you were playing norse and this glitch occured you couldn't clearly see your current favor since the "heroes gathering" text was so large. I have reduced the size of the textbox so it can no longer overlap with current favor. 


Voobly only functionalities:
- The buttons used for observer commands only work while playing on Voobly patches with certain maps.

Version 1.1 29-10-2019
Fixed issues with the observer buttons.

Version 1.2 10-12-2019
All UI elements while observing are now located top right to clear the top left corner.

EE Versions:
Regular version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1900866041
1440p version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1936251924

Read about all the changes by clicking below


The default state of the UI is always the playing state. The new buttons in the top right can be used to swap states. Swapping directly between REC and OBS mode is not possible, you must first go back to PLAY.

General changes:
- A lot of buttons around the minimap are gone since nobody ever used them and all of them can be hotkey'd or activated in another way in your game files. You can also hotkey camera reset and flare but people dont seem familiar with that so I left those 2 buttons.
- You do no longer have the option to maximize the UI (pull all the art back up).
- The chat input box no longer overlaps the first 2 lines of chat so you can actually read what is being said there.
- The Ekanta objectives button has been removed since you can just pull that up with F3 and is such a campaign niche. 

Playing state (PLAY) = default state:
- You can no longer acces the Ekanta custom buttons in this mode since they're useless while playing and just take up space. 
- The AutoQueue button no longer overlaps with the waypoint button. 

Observing live games (OBS):
- A lot of your UI elements are no longer visible since all those elements dont' work/don't serve a purpose while observing (like control groups).
- Ekanta's lighting modifier and screenshot buttons become visible.
- You get a button named GR which pulls up gather rates.

- Built in buttons to say !1/!2~~/!t in allied chat to activate the map scripts and show resources / pop of the players / current techs being researched. 
These can be pulled up using the button right of the minimap. They will be displayed above the score and will have the same color as the corresponding player.
They are hidden by default and each time you press the button 2 come up. Thus you can swap between 1v1 2v2 3v3 and 4v4 mode. 
Pressing the button when all 9 buttons are visible results into them becoming all hidden again, factually resetting the UI.

Observing recorded games (REC):
- The progress bar is hidden by default but you can switch it on with a new button. The "Loop" button is gone since it's so useless.
- In the top right you can see the idle Villagers / Fishing Ships / Caravans of the selected player.
- Ekanta's lighting modifier, viewing angle modifier and screenshot buttons become visible.
- You get a button named GR which pulls up gather rates. And a button named GP which hides godpowers and age text.
- Does not have the observer buttons since they magically don't work while watching recorded games. Manually typing the commmands in the chat still works though.

Reminder of functionalities people seem to forget have always been in eSanta:
- The top left buttons show idle houses and manors. But they're also clickable and actually do something. The top button will pull up gather rates of the selected unit. The bottom button hides your age text and god powers but not your potential titan gate. This can be used to hide them when you're mythic and used all gps, so you can't accidently click on them.



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