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No patch Tooltip and an "Encyclopedia"


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No patch Tooltip and an "Encyclopedia"

No patch Tooltip and an "Encyclopedia"

Hi there,

After working on tooltips for the Voobly Balance Patches I realized that all the old tooltips were significantly flawed. Thus after completing a tooltip for Voobly Balance Patch 3.0 I set out to make a tooltip for no patch (Ensemble 1.03). This tooltip removes all the flaws the old tooltips had and added a bunch of info. On top of that I remade an old Excel file to include tons of new information and it has now become an integral part of the tooltip itself. 

The files found in the downloadable zip are the tooltip, the Excel file and some instructions. It's important to note that to fully understand the tooltip you must have read the Excel file as well. The Excel file is in a way the backbone of the tooltip. Even people who think they already fully understand this game and don't play with a tooltip might be interested in the Excel file. Much of this game is unknown to most players, even high level players.

All the information found in the Excel file and the tooltip is backed by extensive research on the game's code and the game's mechanics. Since we do not have acces to the full code of AOT some parts remain funded by educated guesses. And I don't exclude I haven't made some minor mistakes. But please point them out and I can improve my work.

Reading the Excel file can be done using a couple of different softwares.
1. Excel itself.
2. WPS Office-> this software will move some pictures around slightly distorting the layout.
3. Libreoffice
WPS Office and Libreoffice are free to download.

Happy reading  🤩


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