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AOT Mod Pack 2019


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AOT Mod Pack 2019

A newer version of this modpack is out here!

Hi there,

It came to my attention that finding working and still relevant mods for AOT TT is an absolute pain in 2019, and probably has been for many years. Most posts have broken links by now or are just not suited for voobly patch 3.0. And digging through the AOMHeaven archives might result into brain damage or worse. But I went on this risky adventure and compiled a list of mods which players in 2019 actually still want to have acces to.

The mods in this pack have been tested for TT and are confirmed working. I have altered some of them to be Voobly patch 3.0 ready. And others I have altered since I thought I could do a better job at it, and you be the judge on if I actually did a better job or not. And some of them are my own creation.

List of mods in this .zip:
- AutoQueue Flag On Building
- Default UI with Villager Count
- Editor Widescreen Fix
- Ekanta UI Versions (3 versions)
- Enhanced Tooltips (2 versions, needs to be used with the corresponding Excel spreadsheets)
- Enlarged Font
- Hotkey Editor
- Main Menu Modified Titans Only
- Pete's UI
- Spectator or Casting UI
- Updated Techtree costs
- Upgraded Texture Mod
- AOT "Encyclopedia" Spreadsheet 3.0 (explains parts of the corresponding Enhanced Tooltips)
- AOT "Encyclopedia" Spreadsheet no patch (explains parts of the corresponding Enhanced Tooltips)

Another thing I noticed while downloading mods was that the readmes that came with them were an utter mess. So I have written a readme for each mod which I think is much clearer and better.

I hope this will help a lot of people who want to install mods!


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