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AoM Modpacks

2 files

  1. AoM-AoT Modpack 2021

    AOM-AOT Modpack 2021
    Hi there,
    This is my third modpack, and it's a minor improvement on the 2020 one.
    I have updated my UIs to work better with the new observer commands introduced in VBP 5.0 and made some fixes to the tooltips and updated the VBP tooltip to 5.0.
    Some mods are not compatible with AoM but it is indicated when that is the case.
    Over the years a lot of mods have been made for AoM/AoT and a lot of versions of the same mod exist.
    I have selected a list of mods and made sure their versions are the most up to date you can get.
    Some of these most up to date versions were still filled with errors, thus I fixed those.
    The pack also includes some of my own mods.
    To make it easier to navigate all these mods and decide what you do or don't need I have greatly improved all the original readmes and inserted images.
    There are three ways of obtaining all the mods in this modpack:
    1. Downloading the .zip found attached to this post.
    2. Go to my Google drive where I have collected all my works and navigate to the AoM The Titans/AoM Vanilla sections and download the files from there. Please click here to go to the drive.
    3. Go to the Voobly "Visual or Content Mods" page. Some of the mods that were eligible for that section have also been uploaded there. Please also read the "Installation Guide" tab over there to see how to enable / disable the mod. Doing it this way will of course mean it's only active when playing via Voobly, but you will instantly receive updates to the mod if they are made. Link to Voobly's Visual or Content Mods page.


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  2. Age of Mythology: Expanded Mod (The Titans)

    General Information
    The aim of AoM: Expanded Mod, is to give a new look and feel to Age of Mythology, while keeping it's concept, and Features intact, don't expect much to be taken away. The mod adds plenty of content such as units, techs and textures, and expands the variety of tactics available.

    Expanded Mod is an unofficial Age of Mythology: The Titans version of the "famed" Age of Empires III Mod:

    The new units, techs, and changes in the Expanded Mod are based on various sources, such as the Alpha/Beta, AoE:Online, AoEROR, AoKTC, AOE2HD Expansion Packs, Empire Earth, Community feedback on AoM itself etc
    Version 1.3.1's only change is that the archaic Greek heroes can now correctly be trained in the Town Center, didn't too much else because version 2.0 for EE is on the horizon.

    Official Pages
    Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/dS8EHES (Requires a confirmed Email)
    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aomimprove/
    Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/age-of-mythology-expanded-mod
    Steamgroup: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/aomexpandmod
    Will require a .rar zipping software, such as Winrar, or 7Zip.
    You must own Age of Mythology, and It's expansion, The Titans. For Best Results, install over a clean Installation of Age of Mythology, with The Titans

    Everything in the "Age of Mythology" sub-folder of the unzipped .rar file should be put in your Age of Mythology directory (i.e /Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology.

    To uninstall, just uninstall and reinstall the game, and delete left-over folders, legit the best advice I can give you since how large scale Expanded Mod is.
    Below is a list of all the people that have helped Expanded Mod, or have created assets used within it:
    WarriorMario - Assistance, Egyptian Chariot Walk animation, Priest projectiles, Light beam variations
    Android - Original Modelling Guide, Some units here and there
    MalusPhillips55 - Voice Acting for Persian, Misenus and Celt units
    Callistonian - Various Models (Swords, Atlantean University, Atlantean Foundry, etc) General Support, and his Modelling Guide
    Creative Assembly - Theuros Shield Textures, Ideas, Unit History Files
    Wikipedia - Unit History Files, ideas
    SkyllNH - Xenagia, Agrianian Scout, 
    Dan_Swordmsman - Cretan Archer
    The_Modsmith - Horse
    Skystrider - Celt Chariot Archer
    Cerberus013 - Various Units, and graphical assets
    That AoM Guy/TAG/Thangbrand/etc(quit changing your damn name) - Ideas, Consultation, Alpha/Beta discussion
    Nick3069 - Various Mods, and Assets used
    DragonQ - Villager Counter Mod
    Loggy - Team Bonus, and other trigger code
    Karpunk - Nubian Elite
    Leto - Various Ideas, and Units
    Ind10s - Greek Unit textures, Pantheon, Farm, and Flax Field assets
    Falconian - Atlantean Ranger textures
    Enki - Wildlife Variety Mod
    Tasev - AMP, RON 3ds Max converter
    Romu84 - Obelisk (Priest) Textures for non-eggy civs
    Therog - Greek Archer Psiloi, and Phalanx Assets
    C_J - Mameluke
    Master Foozle - Various Assets, and content from SPQR, and Hoplites
    Tarion_31 - Various Ideas, and a few assets, and units here and there
    Fire Giant - Back to Beta mod
    Forgotten Empires - 
    M. Silva - For the original Pikeman X texture, which the current one derives from
    Mythos_Ruler - EPIC Texture pack (Egyptian units, Achilles Armor, and Helmet)
    0 A.D Team - Various Icons, and Ideas
    White_crane - Amazonian Horse Archer
    Hagr - Various Random Maps
    Sathiel - Unique Major God heroes idea came from him
    A. Soldier - Various Ideas, Consultation
    Tapejara - Decurion Texture design, ideas, icons
    Monkish_man - Skultisveinir Shield
    Justus_Avramenko - Delenda Est, which some icons, and ideas derive from
    Lord Brimestone - Capturable Buildings idea
    Old_King_CoalII - Thespian Hoplite idea, shield, Phalangite
    Loggy - Theatron Code



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